December 27, 2016


Why Google Adwords is Important

How can you make pay per click marketing pay off… Simple get hundreds if not thousands of relative search terms in your account, not just the high volume search terms because your ad budget will be eaten up in days. There are many people who do not have the EXPERTISE that ChannelPro has who bid unnecessarily high on terms that don't convert into sales. This happens for many reasons:
1)- Some do not have a web analytics program to track sales and leads, so they end up guessing at what is working and what isn't… YOU!
2)- Others just get caught up in the ego of being number 1 instead of making smart business decisions.


The importance of Landing Pages:-

Unlike several search engines Google, to its credit, obviously, denotes search listings which are paid positioning. AdWords appear in a different section down the left side of the screen. AdWords provide an affordable advertising venue for companies to advertise services or products to a targeted audience. Advertisers possess the ability to control their spending budget, target their advertising based on keywords. AdWords allow for almost instant traffic, which may be turned on and off. Advantages to AdWordsAdvertisers bid on keywords, the more an advertiser is ready to pay the higher the probability the advertisement may appear higher in position in the set of advertisements served.

Google, usually wanting to make the most from marketers, determines placement based on a variety of click through rate, bid sum, and budget. Clearly, in order to make the most of the revenue and please searchers, Google comes with recommendations for advertisements served and all advertisements should receive the very least percentage click through or they're removed. AdWord Guidelines - Clearly and precisely characterize the site, this is to the marketer and searchers benefit. By giving clear and precise information, searchers who click the advertisement are qualified leads, that possess an inclination to convert more consistently than unqualified leads. ) Create Ad Group - design an advertisement, select keywords, determine maximum cost per click that you're willing to spend and determine bid amounts.

An underutilized feature at Google allows you to place a question mark in the title, the term searched on immediately replaces the question mark in the title of the advertisement. Define max click - Google may suggest an expense per click, but the suggestion doesn't need to be adhered to. Make sure to use common misspellings and plurals in your keyword set. Broad match - only use keywords in a loosely defined manner. Ads appear based on keywords which have been queried by search users. In case the keywords you're planning on broad matching are Mountain bicycles and users search for the conditions Bikes that may climb a mountain, your advertisement may appear, as opposed to the precise fit, which requires that the keywords choices should precisely match the query.

A keyword phrase set to phrase match may only appear when the exact phrase is searched on. For instance, Mountain bicycles will appear when searchers search for Brand name mountain bikes. Exact match - is when the keyword or phrase is entered with supports. The phrase may only serve advertisements when the entered search phrase is identical to the keyword phrase. Mountain bicycles will only appear when searchers search for Mountain bikes.

The Key to Adwords Success:

1)- Get multiple relevant search terms accepted and bid on each one separately instead of broad matching a search term that has a high click through cost. You end up paying far more money for the broad matched terms than they are worth. Don't get me wrong this is an excellent method of increasing your traffic and getting targeted search terms but the pricing is not in your favor. That's why ChannelPro knowledge will return greater ROI. What Really Matters What really matters over the long-term is the cost per inquiry and the # of inquires per month. ChannelPro has worked with Pinnacle to implement tracking mechanisms on each page of the website as well as a register for when leads coming through these sponsored links use your contact form. They provide monthly reports but can update more frequently with automated reports emailed from Google if we want and we can reach out to us by email /phone.

What You’re Paying

  1. Set-up Fee (Rs.5000) plus 20% of all AdWords costs each month. (ChannelPro fee does not include the PPC charges from Google, Yahoo, and MSN.)
  2. AdWords, Yahoo & MSN accounts opened using your personal or business credit.
  3. The initial AdWords & Yahoo budget is $500/month. This amount can be adjusted by the Client at any time.
  4. This contract will begin with a 90-Day Trial period. The Client may cancel the contract anytime within the first 90 Days.

What You Are Paying For

ChannelPro will work with your webmaster to integrate ChannelPro campaign tracking code and processes into the website to capture PPC campaign data and associate a given keyword with a particular conversion (registration).


ChannelPro will render Services consisting of assignment of a dedicated ChannelPro professional who will, among other tasks, develop and manage the Client’s Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns.

Campaign Development

ChannelPro professional will design and implement your Pay-Per-Click campaigns from start to finish. Beginning with Google AdWords and Yahoo Overture campaigns. Other Pay-Per-Click search engines and affiliate programs can be added after ROI is determined based on reports.

Development Services:

  • An analysis of your organization's goals (online vs. offline sales, fundraising, visitor growth, or brand development)
  • Economic Analysis (budget, profit margin, competitive analysis, traffic estimates, and most importantly - What can we afford to pay-per-click?)
  • Establishment of AdWords and Overture professionally managed accounts
  • Keyword Analysis and Development (hundreds, possibly thousands of keywords, NOT just a handful)
  • Creation of Advertising Copy (many versions will be created, by keyword category, and continuously improved through active testing on all campaigns)
  • Tracking Mechanisms and Campaign Performance Databases will be installed on your website