Bulk Email 

You would be hearing news recently regularly about Email marketing that it’s a gone thing. Lots of the analyst and industry expert have given their verdict against email marketing, still Email Marketing has thrived & collected itself and proved itself that it was the prominent marketing tool and it will be in the future too.

ChannelPro Communications itself has more than 50+ happy email marketing clientele. As per our opinion its one of the basic marketing tool and near the near future no other marketing tool will prove itself cost effective as Email Marketing.

Few point we would like to shower to showcase why you should also start using email marketing tool (if you are not using it currently)

  • One-on-one Communication: Email Marketing is personalised and can easily be customised whereas most of the other marketing tools are one-to- many and can’t be personalised & customised easily.
  • ROI: One of the strongest influences in favour of email marketing is its ROI, which is still the highest of any other direct marketing tools/channels. It’s is still one of the cheapest & most effective tools. Revivification of Email Newsletter & recent betterments in spam filters has contributed in favour of email marketing.
  • Automation, Responsive templates and the rise of mobile usage: With the increase in the tools and technology in the marketing sector. Email marketing has also now not just about sending the emails. Now it's automated sending an automatic reply, confirmation mail or follow up. Email Templates are responsive too for all the screen sizes. The rise of mobile usage has also increased the relevance of the email marketing. As per the latest report published by Adestra, 84% of mobile users are sending/receiving the mail through their mobile itself.
  • E-mail marketing can really help your SEO performance. We don’t mean for you to drop your targeted keywords into your e-mail copy and subject lines. Unfortunately, that will have zero effect on SEO performance. Once you do the campaign share it on your social media platform, register the email body in quality & relevant ink building websites and you will see the difference.

All in all Email marketing is required for all the organisations be it SME or large for branding as well as lead generation too.

Email Marketing will not lose the investment in the product, This is beneficial. Internet users are increasing day by day Now these days People's checking their email daily minimum one time. So, this is the plus point for Email Marketing Companies.

Why You should go for the Email Marketing?

  • Above 90 % Professional like to receive Promotional Emails for new best Product.
  • Email Marketing Campaign is much profitable than Social Media Campaign.
  • This will attract New Customers.
  • This will Definitely in time Boost Up the sell.
  • This will make strong and Long Relationship with the client.
  • Gives Organic Traffic on your Website,
  • Reach to new customers easily.
  • A professional way to catch buyers.
  • This will generate leads definitely.
  • Promote your services to new Customers.

Note: We are the agency with expertise in doing the email campaigns and we don’t provide the platform/tool to send the emails. For that, we have tie-up with Benchmark (Email Service Provider), Neverbounce (Email Filtering Organization) and many more..


My Company gives you Best Service with Regular Updates. Feel Free to Contact-us if you have any Query with my Service and want to start Email Marketing Campaign With us.


As per the ISP norms Bulk bounce rate  should be less than 04% (for some ISP's its 05%) and we as the responsible organization always adhere to the professional policies. Keeping this in mind we don't do the campaign on the purchased data. If your data is collected through proper channel and still bounce rate is more than 05% than we will have to clear the data(we will remove the hard bounce email IDs).

Charges for clearing the data will be separate but it will be one time charge on the data more over you can use the cleared data on other channel too. Charges will be 01 Rupee/Email

Ant Pack

  • 10,000 subscribers
  • Unlimited campaigns for the  month on these subscribers
  • Rs 2,000/ Month

Butterfly pack

  • 50,000 subscribers
  • Unlimited campaigns for the  month on these subscribers
  • Rs 7,000/ Month

Eagle Pack

  • 1,00,000 subscribers
  • Unlimited campaigns for the  month on these subscribers
  • Rs 10,000/ Month

Whale Pack

  • 2,50,000 subscribers
  • Unlimited campaigns for the  month on these subscribers
  • Rs 15,000/ Month