How to Write Meta Description for SEO

I have witnessed lot of the doubts of many organizations and freelancers about Meta Descriptions. How to write the best meta descriptions for SEO? How much it help in SEO ? Do I stuff the keywords in the meta description and will that help my SEO ?


Well, today we are going to answer all of your such queries. But before that lets be clear what is meta description and what does it mean to our business and our online marketing activities.

What is Meta Description ?

Meta Tags is divided into 2 sub categories. Title tag & Meta Description.

Title tag is the short description of the page. We can’t say it a gist of the page. Its like the name of the book. For Example- Harry Porter and the cursed child. It gives you idea that this book is about Harry Porter and either his or some other children curse.

Meta Description is a short paragraph which describes about the web-page. Usually meta description should not be less than 130 characters and more than 160 characters. This statement is does not hold strictly true as Google has been seen testing with longer description & title tag experiments in 2016. Meta Descriptions appears in Google search under the page title. You can add the meta description and title tag in the Head section of your website’s HTML.


Now coming to the questions :-

Ques 1)-How much Meta Description helps in SEO ?

Ans)- You may not believe it but its true, Meta Descriptions are not the SEO ranking parameter. Then you would be thinking why the hell we care about meta description. My Dear you should…The more relevant, to the point, and informative meta description will be, it encourage more visitors to visit the website and decrease the bounce rate (by relevance)

Ques 2)-Do I stuff the keywords in the meta description and will that help my SEO ?

Ans)- Sadly, No. You must never practice such activities. Meta description should be different for all the pages. Google penalized for every content duplication weather its in Title tag, meta description or body of the website.

Ques 3)- How to write good Meta Description ?

Ans)- Well, lot of the thing have to be kept in mind while writing a good meta description. Length (130-160 characters only), Do not duplicate the meta description for few/all web-pages, do not duplicate the meta description with page title, use the relevant keywords for which you want that page to rank on Search engine but don’t stuff it unnecessary. use snippets by Schema markup to give your meta description edge over competitors.



Do we have missed any important point about meta description? Post your inquiry or give your suggestion in the comment box



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