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Increase your website visibility in various search engines which in turn increase number of visitors to your website. The whole process will definitely help you drive more unique visitors and increase in sale.

What is SEO

Due to the changing business paradigm, growing competitive tendency and advancement in technologies almost every business irrespective of its ROI and employee size requires it online presence. Moreover once they have online presence, they would require people to visit their website, its social media platform and enquiry about its products. Approx 90% of the internet users have tendency to look at the first page of the search term only. They never go beyond the first page and if they don’t find their result, they will change the search term. So if your website is not optimise to be on the first page for a particular search term then you will loose the business opportunity.

Why US

We are certified, enthusiastic & experienced search engine experts located at Ahmedabad and providing our services since last 5 years. We as a team work together to analyse your website, its current optimised scenario (On page & Off page optimization), based on it we provide you the step by step call of action to optimise the website to achieve high ranking for a particular search term. We understand that every website is different on its own, so we offer different SEO packages as per your business requirement.

Guaranteed SEO Services @ Rs. 14,999 Only

– Targeted 8 keyword with 2 keyword guaranteed result
– keyword should include one local regional word within it
– SEO result will be achieved in 3 months.
– Directory Submission and Business Listing
– W3C Validation and website speed increasing
– Google Local Business Setup
– Structured Data Markup and much more


Our SEO Services

Local SEO

Are you targeting potential customers in your local area? We can put you right in front of them exactly at the time they’re searching for your products or services.

SEO Academy

ChannelPro Communications is taking on new recruits! This affordable online course is ideal for SEO newbies and shows you step by step what you need to do rank higher. For info send us the mail at

Website Packages

Does your website look tired? Do you want to regain control from the developer… with the comfort of knowing there’s top class support on hand if you need it?

AdWords Management

Reliable, dependable and flexible. AdWords can showcase your business to the audience you want to reach, when they need you with fast results!

SEO Activities 

Competitor Analysis

we provide you the online competitive analysis of your online assets with your competitors and will suggest you which SEO methods will be more result oriented to gain advantage over your competitor.

HTML Structure Analysis

In SEO HTML ratio and well-organised HTML structure are very important to make your website more SEO friendly.

Website Analysis

We will provide you the complete analysis of your website which provides you the complete scenario such as no. of sessions, page views, demographic and all other report to assist us for strategy development.

Content Management

We will analyse your website’s content to make sure they comply with SEO best practices or not.

Website Design Analysis

We will perform the analysis to understand if your website design is SEO friendly or not.

HTML Code Analysis

We will review your HTML coding, Robot.txt and other imp parameters to ensure its picked up by search engine spiders.