Facebook Marketing

Facebook can be an amazing space if you have a clear idea of what brings people together, what people love to share and where you want them to go and how to get them there.

What brings people together: branding, advertising, common solutions, sense of shared traits, common goals.
What people love to share: Attractive images, Inspirational Quotes, Human faces, Funny text/images/stories, and powerful statements by celebrities, offers & discounts.
Where do we want them to go: Always take them to a place that solves their problem, sales page, video page or event page.
We will develop a series of custom strategies for the Facebook Page; Event Creation, Group Sharing, lead Generation, document presentation page, video sharing and much more.
Promoting Posts will be very important to use, but the number of Page likes will need to be increased to at least 200 in order to use that service. I can develop several posts that would be perfect for Promoted Posts. These can be posted and used anytime.
Posting at least once a day is suggested. We will develop the posts and schedule them to post at high traffic times on Facebook.
Facebook ads that are targeted to a targeted audience would be great if the budget allows. I can create and manage an ad campaign for you. The costs of the ads are not part of the fee for creating the Facebook marketing plan, but managing a campaign is included.
Strategy in a nutshell: The focus of this phase is to understand the business and your target market on Facebook using a re-occurring contest strategy. These contests can be targeted to your top target locations or demographics. This process will give you more Page Likes and more engagement on the Page and more traffic to your website.
=> 25 thousand engagement per week (Dead Line 03 months)
=> 50 thousand reaches per week (Dead Line 03 months)
=> Insert Strategic Objective
=> Share a mix of relevant links, Engaging Content, Videos and Posts
=> Promoting upcoming Events & Create them in the Events Tab
=> 01 Posts Per Day (suggested 2 posts a day)

Instagram Handle

Across the globe, there are over 800 million Instagrammers — more than 500 million of whom use Instagram every single day, sharing more than 250 million pieces of content each day. Above are a huge number to reach but no matter who your audience is — age, gender, occupation, anything — you’ll be sure to reach them through Instagram. So the question becomes how to promote your business on Instagram? How can you stand out from the other millions of photos, videos, and stories posted each day? How can non-designers and amateur photographers create beautiful content for Instagram? These are all questions we’d love to help you answer in this guide.
Followers on the Instagram search for brands: Research shows that brands enjoy a number of distinct benefits and advantages on the network: • Instagram, brands enjoy regular engagement with 4 percent of their total followers. On networks like Facebook and Twitter, engagement is less than 0.1 percent. (source: Forrester)
70% of Instagram users report having looked up a brand on the platform (source: Iconosquare) 62% of users follow a brand on Instagram (source: Iconosquare)
Only 36 percent of marketers use Instagram, compared to 93% of marketers who use Facebook (source: Selfstartr)
Social media has been proven to influence purchase decisions. And if you can find the right mix of content, your audience will soak it up – and even buy from you – without the need for a hard push or sales pitch. It’s the marketers’ dream. Still, need convincing? Let’s take a look at what marketers have to say about the platform.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter marketing is used mainly for its ability to move traffic to a site. 90% of the tweets are designed to engage interest and make the click to the site. After that, the site needs to manage the interest and move people to the sale. Twitter will work for you when you make the tweets as down-home and authentic and as non-sales as possible. This is done through quotes from presentations and presenters, images from the site, facts, and figures, and conversations.
How will Twitter help you in Digital Marketing?
=> What to Tweet: teaser text for the products, parts of testimonials, statement of benefits, vocabulary that captures the voice of your company, 80% with links
=> Voice: The most important part to define is the “voice” of the tweets; highly energetic, forceful, sweet, etc. The voicing will be the emotional mover in the tweet creation process.
=> A global list of hashtags will be developed that will increase the reach of each tweet beyond the Followers of the accounts.
=> A collection of tweets (50) and the instructions on how to vary the tweets will be developed. Each tweet will include links and hashtags. This excel file will be available for all principals and supports to use in any marketing campaigns.
=> The most important about using Twitter for marketing is the voicing, frequency and landing pages the tweets take people to.
Strategy in a nutshell:
=> Tweet at least 14 times a week on all designated accounts (TBD)
=> Tweet during peak online attention to targeted potential customers
=> Use the top hashtags for the product in most tweets
=> Connect with top Twitter Chat hosts to schedule Twitter Chats

Youtube Marketing (SEO)

=> The main reason you want to be on YouTube is the SEO benefit. Several videos need to be developed to use all the targeted keywords you want to own for this program. These videos do not need to be on-camera interviews. The videos can be presentations, ads, testimonials with static images etc.
=> YouTube can be an amazing space if you provide an entertaining, professional and highly optimized video channel.
=> Entertaining: Please make sure there is an element of entertainment woven into every video you create.
=> Professional: Your Channel needs to be beautiful and match the quality of your website. You will need to put some attention on the social aspect to really gain the most from this social site.
=> Highly Optimized: I have a checklist of things to do to make sure each video gets you to the top of the search engines.
Strategy in a nutshell:
=> The focus of this phase is to use the second largest search engine to expand your target market and bring them directly to your website

Google Plus Marketing

=> We would create this space and connect it up with all the SEO in the company page about section.
=> A functional Google personal account is needed for private G+ video Hangouts with potential customers and/or existing customers.
=> Google+ can also be an amazing space if your customers are already there.

Strategy in a nutshell:

=> Create a business Page or Local Page or combine ones you already own
=> Inform your fans – Announce that you are on G+ to all your other social sites
=> Optional: Create a G+ Community for a more intimate discussion between members

=> Create/Manage the Company Page & Groups
=> Increase its followers on the Page
=> Insert strategic Objectives
=> Daily Post on LinkedIn Company Page
=> Identify Other Groups to Follow And Participate
=> Encourage Employee participation
=> Monitor & Participate in QBA
=> 01 Post Daily

Wikipedia Page

=> Do you want to create a Wikipedia page for yourself or your business?
=> Get in touch with ChannelPro Communications team for Wikipedia Page Creation services. Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that allows anyone to add or modify content. Though, Wikipedia is very strict of non-advertising policy on it. New entries must follow established rules and pass through Wikipedia editors monitoring content accuracy and guarding against adverting.
=> To publish your page on Wikipedia, its subject must have 5-7 noteworthy press notice. This implies that everybody is not a decent contender for the Wikipedia Page
=> ChannelPro Communications, the best marketing agency in Ahmedabad help you to publish your page on Wiki even if you don’t have sufficient press releases for your account. We work with experienced Wikipedia editors who are learned about what it takes to make quality Wikipedia pages that stick.

Google Map

=> We help our clients to utilize the benefit of Google Maps by registered the business in it.
=> In spite of the fact that Google will, in a few circumstances, show organizations from encompassing groups in the “Nearby” indexed lists (Maps), you are just permitted to enroll your business in the town or city in which you have a physical location.
=> Once your business information is verified you may update the photos, Phone number, Email ID, business hours at the later stage too.
1) Register Your Property on Google Map
2) Visible On Google.Com
3) To Find the Way through GPS
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